Confidentiality Agreement

Nebraska law requires all real estate licensees provide this information outlining the types of real estate services being offered.

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The agency relationship offered is:

Company: Timm & Associates, Inc.

Agent Name: Gregory K Timm, Broker

Acting as: Limited Seller’s Agent

– Works for the seller

– Shall not disclose any confidential information about the seller unless required by law

– May be required to disclose to a buyer otherwise undisclosed adverse material facts about the property

– Must present all written offers to and from the seller in a timely manner

– Must exercise reasonable skill and care for the seller and promote the seller’s interests

A written agreement is required to create a seller’s agency relationship.

THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT AND DOES NOT CREATE ANY FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have received the information contained in this agency disclosure and that it was given to me at the earliest practicable opportunity during or following the first substantial contact with me and, further, if applicable, as a customer, the licensee indicated on this form has provided me with a list of tasks the licensee may perform for me.

Acknowledgement of Disclosure :